Q:) What Does Rent Hitleap Servers Mean ?

A:) If You areĀ  Running HitleapĀ  On your Own Desktop or RDP

You Will have to manage Hitleaps So they are running 24/7 . So as To Earn Maximum Hitleap Hits

But When you Rent our hitleap Servers

We manage Everything and keep your Hitleap Servers running 24/7 . Thus Filling Maximum Hitleap Hits

Q:) Is Running Multiple Slots Allowed By Hitleap ?

A:) Yes Read From Official Hitleap Website


You Can Rent Our Servers Or Run Multiple Hitleaps on Your Desktop to Achieve this ( check Our Products )

Q:) What are HitLeap Viewer Slots?

A:) HitLeap Viewer Slots indicate the number of HitLeap Viewer instances you can run at the same time. Each HitLeap Viewer instance must have a different IP address.