Q:) What does run Hitleap on our servers mean ?

If you are  running hitleap on your own Desktop or RDP
you will have to manage hitleaps so they are running 24/7
and it will cost 2 or 3 times more per server

but when you rent our hitleap servers
we manage everything and keep your hitleap servers running 24/7.

Thus filling maximum hitleap hits and its much cheaper

Q:) Is running multiple slots allowed by Hitleap ?

Yes read from official hitleap website


Q:) What are HitLeap Viewer Slots?

Hitleap viewer slots indicate the number of hitleap viewer instances you can run at the same time.
Each Hitleap viewer instance must have a different ip address.
Q:) Which Payment Modes You Accept ?

Bitcoin , Litecoin and UPI (India)
It is recommended to use Litecoin for orders of amount below than 200$ 
to avoid high bitcoin exchange and network fees